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The Smart Set is an online magazine covering culture and ideas, arts and science, global and national affairs — everything from literature to shopping, medicine to sports, philosophy to food. The Smart Set strives to present big ideas on the small, the not-so-small, and the everyday.

The Smart Set publishes high quality writing and photography in a broad range of genres including reportage, personal and critical essays, travel writing, memoirs, and stories. The Smart Set is an independent magazine, generously supported by the Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University.

The Smart Set is published for people who enjoy reading, and enjoy thinking about what they read. The Smart Set feels that what unites its readers is their intellectual curiosity, and this cuts across age, gender, income, and education level.


Executive Editor: Paula Marantz Cohen

Interim Editor: Diane Pizzuto

Contributing Writers: James Polchin, Morgan Meis, Paula Marantz Cohen, Stefany Anne Golberg, Wayne Curtis, Colin Fleming

Publisher: The Pennoni Honors College, Drexel University

Writers' Guidelines

We're always looking for excellent, original, and previously unpublished personal essays, critical essays, reporting, memoir, travel writing, stories, photo essays, and even video projects. Pay and expenses are negotiable. Contact submissions@thesmartset.com.

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Drexel University's rowing team circa 1895.
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