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Second Acts
Second ActsDispatches from a woman of a certain age.
A Case of Shingles Life as a homeowner is a standoff between you and your roof. Who goes first?
Worry Lines My young friends were so cheerful and optimistic! Then age caught up with them.
Winter on the Salt Marsh The sunsets here are like giveaway calendar photography: an almost tawdry display.
Strip Show Everybody loves trees in spring and fall, but I see something special in winter's stark, bare branches.
Picture Perfect From Sargent's Madame X to Michelle Obama, capturing powerful women is always a complex task.
On the Wild Side I wanted to reach the bay, but salt hay and tiny fish and a blue crab got in the way.
A Seasoned Eye I look for bluets in the spring and monarchs in the fall. There's comfort in such seasonal routines.
Some Birthday Linda asked who would be the first to go, so I asked where the cat went.
A Wedding Trip Most people ''attend'' a wedding or a funeral. Sometimes I like to be a bit more remote.
The Swimsuit Issue Sure, I love summer. But boy do I hate coming up with excuses to avoid the beach!
Stuff People spend lifetimes quietly amassing proud collections of clocks, beer steins, whatever. They die and those collections get dumped in antique shops.
She's a Little Runaway I tried to run away from home when I was seven. Many decades later, I wish I could go back and remember why.
Theater of the Completely Normal Everybody wants to save the local art deco movie house. But nothing can bring back all those Saturday afternoons spent there.
Ride Far, Ride Long It's not enough to get out of the kitchen and onto a motorcycle. You need to stop riding on back.
Sugar, Sugar It was a little treat at the bottom of my glass. My mother appreciated sweet endings.
Bad Call What did we lose when we abandoned land lines? Obscene phone sex perverts, for one.
A Hair Piece Why not let my hair go gray, I thought. Four years later...
Dirty Little Secrets I sometimes have to root through the trash. There, I said it!
Nights in Black Satin I didn't wear any pants to dinner.
END...END...END Why does a microwave count down? It just makes cooking dinner a reflection on time's passing.
Card Snark Misconstrued cards. Flowers that are just going to die. Oh boy, it's Valentine's again.
A SINKing Feeling Oh. Great. It's the Census. Time for the federal government to remind me I'm single and childless.
Young Lady Why would anyone call someone my age ''young lady''? Hegemonic masculinity?