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Journeys through the world of food and drink.
Fashion Victim Grüner veltliner was once the new black. Then it wasn't. Now it is again?
Greek to Me I like obscure wines made from "godforsaken grapes" like xinomavro and agiorgitiko. And I don’t care what Robert Parker says.
Old Europe on the Cheap When will people finally discover Portuguese wines? A memoir on my patient, two-decade-long wait.
Carmén-Whère? Rediscovering carménère in a sneak peek of Planet of the Grapes: Alternative Reds.
The Meal as Manifesto Eating moss, kelp, weeds, raw shellfish, and dirt at Copenhagen's Noma, the most provocative (and many say "the best") restaurant in the world.
Age is Just a Number Why older doesn’t always mean better when it comes to whiskey.
Nebb' and Flow Nebbiolo is a finicky grape from Italy's foggy northwest. And its wine is very expensive. Usually...
We'll Always Have Germany Contrary to popular belief, the sky is not falling on German beers.
The Wine of Beers Saisons: beers even a wine snob will love.
Low Blow Not every brew needs to be a high-alcohol, extreme monster. Session beers have pleasures all their own.
Fancy Schmancy If you think we're in a rather austere moment, then you weren't at the 56th annual Fancy Food Show.
On Big and Scary Wines
I've listened to the complaints about high-alcohol wine for years. And then I tried a few that I liked.
Stuck in Italy When life hands you volcanic ash plumes, make a week of Venice, wine bars, and sunny lunches.
Hotel Munch For Munch, summer nights were a miasma of heartache, melancholy, and unrequited love. How does drinking the new Edvard Munch Premium Aquavit compare?
The Sparkle in Italy's Eye The Italian makers of prosecco were horrified when Paris Hilton started shilling for a canned, Austrian version of the sparkling wine. But you can only feel so bad for people who live in castles.
Port Authority Port makers want their U.S. market to grow, but you try selling delayed gratification to a bunch of Americans.
On the Nose Can you learn to taste wine from a $130 kit? Well...
Fruit-Forward and Fungus Do you trust your own taste? Can you describe truffles? Do you wear purple?
The Port Dick Cheney Likes Find out you like the same port as Dick Cheney and Fidel Castro, and you'll realize taste is a very slippery slope.
The Lifestyle Beat There's life. And then there's lifestyle journalism.
A Game Journey Horse meat, moonshine, and musk. The French are dismissive of American cuisine, but getting to the primal roots of their food isn't so pretty. Our correspondent joins a wild boar hunt.